7 Healthy Diet Tricks When Dining Out

It is not uncommon to find people struggling with their weight. In our society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy diet. According to statistics, It is estimated that about 64% of Americans are obese or roughly about 129.6 million people. Back in the 1980, the percentage was just 47%. As you can see this percentage has gone up pretty significantly.

This increase can be attributed in part to the lifestyles we have allowed ourselves to live. Everything these days is fast paced, even the food we eat. How many times have you found yourself in a fast food drive-through on the way to work or on the way home picking up dinner for the family?

But there is hope. Due to government and pressure from other organizations, fast food and other restaurants have adjusted their selection of entrees to offer more healthier choices. But with the good, the bad is still there. It is up to you to monitor yourself and make the appropriate choices for a healthy diet.

So how do you make sure that you make the healthy choices?

Here are 7 healthy diet tricks that can help you the next time you dine out:

Trick 1:

Your choice of restaurant. Of course if you are on a diet, the one type of restaurant you should never step into, is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. Part of a healthy diet isn’t just the food you eat but your portion size. Also try not to choose to eat at a place that offers entertainment as well. You’re more inclined to keep eating while watching something like at home eating in front of the TV.

Trick 2:

Keep a journal of what you eat and drink. Jotting everything you consume during the entire day and checking out the total calories intake at the end of the day is a sure way to keep yourself in check. Several sites online can link you up to nutritional information on the food from restaurants. Learn more at Garcinia Pure Cambogia

Trick 3:

Planning. If you can before you even leave the house, plan your meals in advance, if you can avoid going to a restaurant all together. It is better to plan ahead your meals then to make a quick stop on the way home for something fast and make a hurried bad decision.

Trick 4:

For the family night out at the restaurant, to start off politely refuse any appetizers like a bread basket. When ordering don’t be afraid to ask to substitute or make your food special. The server is there to serve you, if you’re paying for it, they should be willing to make your food the way you want it, especially if they want return business.

Trick 5:

If you do end up ordering any appetizers, try to avoid anything fried. Even foods known to be healthy can be fried, and that just means extra calories for you thanks to the oil it is cooked in. A more better choice lie within a salad or soup. Even those can be calories laden if you are not careful. For salads, you need to be choosy for your toppings. Try to stick with just vegetables on you salad like grated carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and the such. Put the dressing on the side to dip it rather than pour it on. For soups stick with the broth based instead of creamy.

Trick 6:

On the main entree be aware of what your ordering, it’s all in the name. Stay away from buttered, fried, breaded, scalloped or the like foods. Look for steamed, broiled, grilled or so forth. Like said with the appetizers, a healthy food can become bad all in how it is cooked.

Trick 7:

As for desserts, you need to be very diligent. Most of what is out there available isn’t good for you. Best choice is always a side of fruit. Another choice would be low fat yogurt or sorbet.

Now who said there is no work involved?

However you put it, maintaining a healthy diet is work, but the payoffs are well worth it.